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Tree Surgery in Lingfield | Domestic and Commercial Services

As reputable tree surgeons based in Lingfield, DR Newland Tree Care & Fencing provides comprehensive tree surgery and stump grinding services in East Grinstead, Oxted and the surrounding Surrey areas. From crown reduction and crown thinning to tree felling and hedge cutting, our NPTC-trained tree surgeons deliver a courteous, professional and tidy service for even the most awkward of jobs.


The arboriculture services provided by our tree surgeons includes:


• Crown Thinning

• Crown Lifting

• Crown Reduction

• Directional Tree Felling

• Sectional Tree Dismantling

• Formative Pruning

• Tree Pruning

• Deadwood Removal

• Hedge Cutting

• Stump Grinding


Before any tree surgery begins, DR Newland Tree Care & Fencing liaise with local authorities in Lingfield, East Grinstead, Oxted and in the wider Surrey areas to ensure trees are not protected by a TPO (Tree Preservation Order). It is an offence to work on a tree with TPO status.


If you’re unsure about a tree’s TPO status, please contact us.

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Comprehensive Tree Surgery Services


Whether the growth of a tree compromises the structural integrity of a wall or fence, or you simply want to undertake some cosmetic tree surgery as part of a landscaping project, our arboriculture services cover every angle for domestic and commercial properties. Our tree surgery in the Lingfield, East Grinstead and Oxted areas always complies with BS3998.


Directional Tree Felling – Our tree surgeons use a carefully placed directional notch and felling cut to safely bring down any problem trees. We only carry out directional tree felling when enough room is provided. This ensures no damage to other properties and doesn’t put anybody in danger.


Sectional Tree Dismantling – We conduct sectional tree dismantling in Lingfield, East Grinstead, Oxted and the Surrey area in more confined spaces where directional tree felling isn’t possible. This tree surgery process consists of removing sections of tree from the top down. Our tree surgeons use ropes to lower logs and branches safely to the ground.


Crown Thinning – This form of tree surgery doesn’t alter the shape or size of the tree. Our tree surgeons remove tertiary branches, often around the outer crown, but do not exceed 30% removal overall. This process allows more light through the tree and lowers wind resistance.


Crown Lifting – During crown lifting work in Lingfield, East Grinstead and Oxted, our tree surgeons remove the lowermost branches (although not large ones) to increase the distance between the ground and the crown. Crown lifting increases available light to areas immediately around the tree, as well as accessibility.


Crown Reduction - Following stated measurements, our tree surgeons reduce the overall size of a tree’s crown to lessen mechanical stress on certain branches, to make the tree more suited to its Lingfield, East Grinstead, Oxted and Surrey surroundings, or to ease light loss and shading problems.


Formative Pruning – This tree surgery procedure involves our personnel carrying out minor pruning measures on young trees to create a desired form or to correct apparent defects that could cause issues in the future.


Deadwood Removal – Our tree surgeons remove non-living branches or stems that don’t provide essential habitats for animals. We only remove deadwood that poses a risk to the continued health of the tree.


Hedge Cutting – Whether wild, rural or ornamental, and no matter the size, our tree surgery services extend to hedge management across Lingfield, East Grinstead, Oxted and the wider Surrey area. Using the latest equipment, our tree surgeons trim hedges to exact customer specifications and remove all waste after completing the job.


For more information regarding our tree surgery services in Lingfield, East Grinstead, Oxted and the Surrey area, call 01342 821 196 or 07917 734 408.

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