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Tree Surgery and Garden Fencing in Oxted | Environmentally-Friendly Operations

Like any reputable tree surgeons, DR Newland Tree Care & Fencing aim to complete our tree surgery, stump grinding and garden fencing operations in Oxted with as little environmental impact as possible. Despite what our tree surgery may look like to a bystander, we provide environmental care rather than simply felling trees.


In our roles as fencing contractors and tree surgeons, we promote the importance of tree health, as well as wider environmental health, whenever we undertake tree surgery, stump grinding or garden fencing work in Oxted.


DR Newland Tree Care & Fencing always tries to align our customers’ wishes with our own ethos to reduce rather than remove wherever possible.


Environmentally-Conscious Fencing Contractors and Tree Surgeons


Our small team of fencing contractors and tree surgeons minimise their carbon footprint wherever possible. From the use of bio-degradable chainsaw oil, to utilising handsaws in place of machinery when possible, we work with nature, not against it.


We retrieve as many logs as possible from our tree surgery operations around Oxted. After undergoing a thorough drying-out process, we then sell these seasoned logs as firewood to customers with fire pits, multi-fuel stoves and wood burners. When used as fuel, seasoned logs provide a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to more harmful fossil fuels.


Stump grinding procedures also create woodchip that can be used as mulch to ameliorate soil, not only fertilising it but minimising weed growth too.


Such recycling measures ensure as little of a tree as possible is wasted.


Mindful Tree Surgery and Garden Fencing Practices


When our fencing contractors or tree surgeons undertake any of our services in Oxted, be it garden fencing erection, hedge maintenance or stump grinding, they survey the surrounding area for potential knock-on effects.


Our fencing contractors try to avoid disrupting root networks when erecting garden fencing in established Oxted gardens. We most commonly achieve this by tailoring closeboard fences to fit around roots while maintaining the structural strength of the fence itself.


As wild birds and their eggs are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act, our tree surgeons schedule hedge maintenance around nesting seasons so as to minimise any disruption.


Trees often provide habitats for a host of animals and insects. Deadwood, in particular, attracts a number of species. In these cases, we limit our tree surgery and stump grinding operations to only remove sections of deadwood that pose a risk to people and property while maintaining as much of the habitat as possible.


To speak to our tree surgeons and fencing contractors about tree surgery, garden fencing and stump grinding in Oxted, call 01342 821 196 or 07917 734 408.

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