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Fencing Contractors in Lingfield, East Grinstead, Oxted and Surrey

As leading fencing contractors based in Lingfield, DR Newland Tree Care & Fencing understands the importance of strong, durable garden fencing. Serving East Grinstead, Oxted and the surrounding Surrey areas, our personnel erect a wide-range of garden fencing styles including:


• Closeboard Fencing

• Panel Fencing

• Picket Fencing

• Trellises


Our fencing contractors undertake any repair or replacement job, ensuring our valued customers have garden fencing that provides security, privacy and a stylish boundary marker.

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Fencing Styles for Different Needs


Having a fence professionally erected offers property owners in Lingfield, East Grinstead, Oxted and Surrey the ultimate peace of mind. Whether it’s choosing the correct materials or ensuring that fence posts are laid at the required depth for the soil type at hand, our fencing contractors have 25 years of combined trade experience to call on.


The first step toward this professional garden fencing is knowing exactly what it is you want. Our garden fencing styles come with a range of different benefits to suit the needs of any Lingfield, East Grinstead, Oxted or Surrey property owner.


Closeboard Fencing – This garden fencing option comes with a reputation for strength and longevity. Usually constructed onsite, closeboard fencing takes longer than other styles to install, but this allows for a tailored option that is perfect for established gardens. Fully grown trees, plants and their roots can be worked around while still ensuring the fence is structurally strong.


Panel Fencing – From featherboard to waney edge, our panel fencing options offer easy-to-install, durable boundary markers between neighbouring properties. This style of garden fencing can be erected with timber or concrete posts. Coming in a variety of styles, panel fencing provides Lingfield, East Grinstead and Oxted homeowners with increased, long-lasting privacy.


Picket Fencing – What picket fencing lacks in security, it makes up for in charm and aesthetic appeal. When fitted professionally by our fencing contractors, picket fencing adds instant kerb appeal to any property. This garden fencing style is commonly used as an unobtrusive, ornamental feature, or as a protective measure around swimming pools, ponds and roads.


Trellises – The open weave style of trellis fencing remains popular among our Lingfield, East Grinstead, Oxted and Surrey customers. A garden fencing option with its own character, trellises offer the perfect frame to support climbing and trailing plants. As such, our fencing contractors fit trellises into gardens that take on a vibrant appearance with a unique charm.


Our fencing contractors always recommend our Lingfield, East Grinstead, Oxted and Surrey customers discuss their garden fencing plans with neighbours first. It’s important to ascertain who owns which fence and where the boundary line lays in accordance with the deeds.


For more information on garden fencing in Lingfield, East Grinstead, Oxted and the Surrey area, call 01342 821 196 or 07917 734 408.

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