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From Stump Grinding to Garden Fencing in Edenbridge | Reasons to Choose Us

Here at DR Newland Tree Care & Fencing, we take great pride in our status as one of the most reputable tree surgeons and fencing contractors in the Edenbridge area. From discussions we have with our satisfied clients in the region, there are multiple reasons why people choose us for their tree surgery, stump grinding and garden fencing work. Whether it’s our outstanding safety record, the extensive range of services we provide or our experience and accreditation, our clients in Edenbridge continue to recommend us to their family and friends.


Below, we’ve outlined 4 of the more frequent reasons why customers in the Edenbridge area choose us as their tree surgeons and fencing contractors.


1. A Range of Tree Surgery Services


In our role as tree surgeons serving the Edenbridge area, we provide the complete range of tree surgery services. These services include crown thinning, lifting and reduction, directional tree felling, sectional dismantling, formative pruning and deadwood removal. Whatever the service, our tree surgeons have been achieving outstanding results since our establishment in 2010. For more details regarding the services performed by our tree surgeons, please visit the tree surgery page.


2. Trusted Fencing Contractors


From closeboard to panel, and from picket to trellises, as fencing contractors we can design and install garden fencing to suit the tastes of any Edenbridge client. With carefully sourced materials of the highest quality, our garden fencing not only looks fantastic, but acts as a sturdy security and privacy feature or, in some cases, provides an aesthetically pleasing boundary marker. For more information regarding our garden fencing options, please contact us.


3. Safe Stump Grinding


In addition to the tree surgery services we provide for customers in Edenbridge, we also undertake safety-conscious stump grinding. When undertaken as a DIY project, or by any unqualified individual, stump grinding poses inherent dangers that cannot be over-emphasised. If you want to rid your garden of an unsightly tree stump, we always recommend the services of experienced, qualified stump grinding professionals. Not only will the process be safer, but the finished job will also guarantee the results you are looking for.


4. Experience and Accreditation


The work undertaken by our tree surgeons and fencing contractors has a natural element of danger to it. From the use of powerful machinery to working at height, tree surgeons have to call upon years of experience and qualifications in order to complete their job safely. With personnel trained to the highest NPTC standards, our clients in Edenbridge can rest assured that not only do we produce outstanding results, but we do so in the strictest compliance with Healthy & Safety legislation.


To discuss tree surgery, stump grinding and garden fencing services in Edenbridge, call 01342 821 196 or 07917 734 408.

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