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Tree Surgery in Copthorne | A Wise Property Investment

As new homes and gardens in Copthorne and across the South East grow increasingly smaller, the importance of a landscaped, well-maintained garden can’t be overstated. With leisure time becoming similarly scarce, the ability to step into a stunning garden area to relax or socialise can no longer be taken for granted. The services provided by our tree surgeons and fencing contractors play a vital role in not only increasing quality of life, but overall property value too. Whether it’s tree surgery procedures, stump grinding or garden fencing installations, our team offer transformative services that hold their value as a property investment.


Below, we’ve outlined 4 of the most common ways the work undertaken by our tree surgeons and fencing contractors represents a wise investment for Copthorne property owners.


1. An Increase in Property Value


The results of a study carried out by Money Magazine revealed how important a well-landscaped garden can be to a property. A professionally finished job can add as much as 6 to 7% to the value of a home in the Copthorne area. With additional benefits including the increased privacy and security of garden fencing, as well as the improved aesthetics brought about by stump grinding, potential buyers don’t need to rely on their imagination when a beautiful garden is already in place.


2. Safety


The tree surgery and stump grinding procedures that we undertake utilise dangerous machinery, often at height. Here at DR Newland Tree Care and Fencing, our tree surgeons and fencing contractors work in full compliance with HSE legislation and British Standards, including BS 5837 and BS 3998. Our Copthorne area customers also feel at ease knowing that our personnel hold NPTC qualifications too. So whether they require stump grinding, garden fencing or tree surgery procedures, they can rest assured that safety remains of paramount importance.


3. Pleasing Aesthetics


The landscaping results achieved by our tree surgeons and fencing contractors never fail to impress our Copthorne clients. From the removal of unsightly tree stumps through stump grinding to tree surgery procedures including crown thinning and reduction, we have overhauled countless gardens across the region. With the finishing touch of secure, stylish garden fencing, our customers enjoy a brighter, neater, more accessible garden space for years to come.


4. Continued Healthy Growth


Unfortunately, trees don’t always grow into perfect specimens when left unattended. In urban areas such as Copthorne, this can bring them into conflict with houses, powerlines and underground pipes. Tree surgery work including crown reduction, crown thinning, stump grinding, decline prevention and formative pruning carried out by experienced, qualified professionals acts as a proactive measure to minimise the effects of these conflicts. As tree surgeons and fencing contractors, we take every measure possible to ensure that nature and people happily co-exist.


To book an initial consultation to discuss how our tree surgeons and fencing contractors can help you, please contact us.


To view comments from our previous customers in the Copthorne area, please visit the testimonials page.


For more information on the tree surgery, stump grinding and garden fencing services we provide in Copthorne, call 01342 821 196 or 07917 734 408.

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